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Important Facts About Pool Construction And Pool Installation

A swimming pool on the grounds of your own home is an excellent idea. It takes a bit of time to get the project completed and it costs good money, but this should not discourage you. There are many advantages when you have your own pool especially if you contract the job to SF Pool Installers. Below are the steps you should take to get the pool perfect installed in your home.

Design and Layout

Your swimming pool begins with a design and a layout. At this stage of the project, your pool builder and the architect work together to create the perfect design for you. If you are happy with what you see, you give your approval, and the project begins. This stage of the project usually takes one week or less depending on the revisions to the design.

Permits and Excavation

You cannot build a pool unless you get all the relevant permits from the appropriate regulatory agencies. Now, this is important because if you go ahead and build your pool without permits, you might be breaking the law, and this is not what you want. Your pool builder will take the deign to the right agencies. These agencies have experts who will ask questions and visit your house for inspection before granting the permits. Once you have all the permits sorted out, you can start excavation. Getting the permit will take about one week and excavation will take another one week.

Steel Installation

This where the excitement begins. The excavation has been completed so it is time to watch the experts do their magic on your pool. At this stage, the builders use plenty of steel to create the shape and size of the pool. This is a very important and intricate process. One mistake here would ruin the whole project but there is no chance that this will happen you are dealing with experts, and you can trust them to deliver the goods.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

If you and your kids are watching the builders do their magic, you are in for more excitement. At this stage of the project, experienced plumbers and electrical experts work on features like the main drain system, the skimmer and the circulation system. These experts also install the sheer descent, deck jets and other features at this time. This stage of the project takes about one week.

Shotcrete Stage

At this stage of the project, pressurized concrete is sculpted and placed on the already existing steel work. This process takes about five days including the time required for the concrete to dry. Now, your pool is taking shape and the project is at least 40% completed.

Tile and Decking

The expert who handles your tile and decking is both a technician and an artist. This is because this stage of the project requires the skill of a tile setter and the artistic wizardry of a decorator to create the right effect. This expert uses tiles to decorate the surrounding areas of the pool to make it beautiful.

Interior Finish

This process takes about three days, and it involves using concrete coating to make the interior of the pool look beautiful. This stage of the project requires creativity and an eye for beauty.

Pool Start-Up

Now, your pool is almost ready. The expert starts the circulating pump and sets the timer to check if everything is working perfectly. The expert also begins the process of water balancing and adds chlorine to the water. This takes a few days and if everything goes well, in less a week, the expert will certify your pool ready for use.

Coating the Deck and Landscaping

These are the final stages of this exciting process. Coating the deck takes about 12 hours and landscaping takes about a week. Now, your pool is ready, and you can start enjoying it.