A Look at the Most Common Services Provided by a Plumber

The types of services provided by a plumber can vary depending on the experience and expertise of a particular provider, with some specialising in gas fittings and repairs, whilst others may offer extensive plumbing installation features instead. These plumbing services can be categorised into individual sections, to make it easier to understand when hiring a plumber.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common features and services offered by these professional plumbing experts.

Pipe Installation, Repair and Replacement

One of the most common reasons for needing a plumber may be for help with pipework in one form or another. Pipes often run through the walls, ceilings and floors of a home and ensuring that they are properly installed is a legal requirement. If anything should go wrong with them (such as a pipe blockage), then it will often fall down to a plumber to handle the situation.

Likewise, if a pipe is in need of repair or replacement, only a licensed plumber should attempt to do so.

Gas Fitting and Maintenance

Plenty of homes rely on gas to function. From stoves and ovens, right through to central heating systems and more – a working gas system can save money when compared to electricity, whilst being fairly easier to maintain. Some plumbers also offer these types of services in addition to water-related features.

A gas plumber should be able to install, repair, replace and maintain any systems that rely on gas in order to operate.

Pipe Relining

There can be times where old, worn and damaged pipes may lose their functionality. This can often be the case with old metal pipes that can rust and break over time, but it’s not unheard of for modern PVC pipes to suffer with damage from time to time, too. A plumber can be useful in these events as they will typically be able to insert a replacement pipe, via a process referred to as pipe relining.

As the original pipe can remain in place, the costs can be lower. The main advantage of this service is being able to enjoy functionality of the pipe system again, without having to pay for a complete replacement.

Boiler Repairs

Whether the boiler runs on electricity or gas, these useful devices can be prone to failing from time to time and in these events, it’s not uncommon for the entire house to go without hot water until the repairs are taken care of. Most plumbers will be able to address boiler repair projects and depending on the severity of the issue; a boiler could be back to normal in a matter of hours.

In more extreme cases, a plumber should be able to identify any causes of an issue and then rectify them with a replacement if necessary.

Sewage System Installation

All homes will require a functional sewage system to be connected from within the house, and then lead externally to a place where waste can be expelled safely. In order to conduct the installation of a sewer or a waste disposal system, a plumber will need to be fully licensed and authorised to do so. As the process is legally required within a home, hiring someone without this level of expertise can result in severe penalties.

Fortunately, the majority of plumbers will have a firm understanding of the way that sewage systems work, as this will be one of the early things that they learn during their training and education.

Gutter Services

In order to ensure the safe and efficient run-off of water from rain, homes will require a functional gutter system. This system will need to be fitted at the correct angles or else the risk of water-damage can be far more substantial. A plumber can help by evaluating the best locations around the outside of a home to install gutters – and they should then be able to take care of the installations, too.

Should any damage or blockages occur over time, the expert may even be able to help with repairs and maintenance as well.